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This is the first ‘making’ post in a while, but as you can see it was a slightly bigger job than I normally take on.

I absolutely love it though! It was totally worth all the effort (and some minor frustrations) along the way.



A while ago Mr Colonial Cravings came home from work and announced that he had a present for me but that it was just too big to hide until Christmas, and also could I help him lug it out of the car. He’d casually mentioned to one of his colleagues that I have a small obsession with vintage luggage and a week later he’d turned up at work with this trunk that he’d found at an auction.

It was a bit tired and grey with a slightly musty smell that I couldn’t get rid of even with a good wash. For a while I umm-ed and ahh-ed about keeping it in its original state (I was especially taken with the wooden hangers) but in the end I decided that it would bring me far more joy if I re-purposed it into something useful.

Steamer trunk cocktail bar

I’ve covered it in maps to be in-keeping with its travel heritage (and also because I can’t stop glueing maps to things), just using Modge Podge and then applying a couple of coats of wipe-on poly varnish. Because the original covering was linen the texture shows through quite nicely making it look less like paper. I also painted all of the trim with an eggshell emulsion which gives the same effect. We’ve had to apply a few temporary measures, simply due to our limited resources at the moment but I think we’ll try to address these once we’ve returned to the UK.

Steamer trunk cocktail bar

Bottoms up!

A friend of ours cut some scrap wood, which we found free at a salvage yard, into a couple of shelves for us and we added racks for wine bottles and glasses. We dismantled one of the drawers and put hinges on it so that it would open up and provide a book shelf for Mr Colonial Cravings increasing collection of cocktail books.

It's always 5 o'clock somewhere...

It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere…


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November 16, 2015 · 5:29 am


A city so great they framed it twice...

A city so great they framed it twice…

I made this picture frame as a wedding present for two of my favourite people.

A couple of years ago they came out to visit me in America-land we all went on a pretty awesome trip to NYC so I thought it would be nice for the happy couple to have a memento of that.

Decoupage picture frame

I made the frame using the same method that use when I make my decoupage chairs, using Mod-podge to stick on the paper and then applying a couple of coats of wipe-on poly varnish to seal the whole lot and make it a bit more durable.

Decoupage picture frame

I really like the look of this…I might have to make something similar for myself to remind me of some my own adventures!

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Tiny crochet T-bar booties...

Tiny crochet T-bar booties…

This is a pair of dinky little purple T-bar shoes which I made using a free pattern I picked up at my local craft store. I had some wool left over from another project so I thought that I may as well have a go at making them.

I think they turned out pretty well, considering the fact that I’m not very good at following patterns (I always lose my place and confuse the abbreviations.) Apparently they have been well received by the little lady to whom I sent them, well she tried to eat them, which as we all know is a pretty big compliment if you’re less than a year old, so that’s good enough for me!

...for cheeky feet!

…for cheeky feet!

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DIY marquee lights

I’ve got a tiny obsession with marquee lights. I’ve also got a tiny house to move back to in the U.K at some stage so buying proper ones would seem foolish. And expensive. Have you seen the price of them?!?

These cost me about $15 to make, using some cardboard letters from my local craft shop. Obviously they don’t look 100% like the real thing (they’re a bit Blue Peter) but once they’re lit up I think they make for a pretty good substitute.

DIY marquee lights

All I did was cut the fronts off the letters, poke holes in them for the lights and paint them, bronze on the inside and red gloss on the outside. Easy peasy! I can even (just about) make them into a homage to the wonderful city of Philadelphia…

DIY marquee lights


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Snuggley and warm...

Snuggley and warm…

I’d seen lots of versions of this cute little hood on places like Etsy and seeing as it didn’t look too complicated I thought that I’d have a go at working it out myself without a pattern. It’s basically rows of half-double crochet worked back and forth down either side of a central row, followed by rounds to make the neck part. I’m really pleased with how it turned out (partly because it makes my niece look like an Ewok!)

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January 26, 2015 · 2:01 pm


Vintage school desk

This is a really cute little vintage school desk that we picked up at our local thrift store. I thought that it would be the perfect size for my niece.

Vintage school desk

I gave it a bit of a sand and a careful re-spray and think that it looks pretty good. I sanded down the wood, which had suffered a bit over the years and even painted her name on the seat (although my hand is far from steady!) before giving it a few coats with a wipe-on poly.

Vintage school desk

Getting straight down to some serious work...

Getting straight down to some serious work…

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Crochet rattles

These are a pair of tiny crochet rattles which I made for Christmas gifts. The pattern was very simple, starting from a magic ring. I used a plastic Easter egg filled with dried lentils for the actual rattle and then padded it a little with some wadding to make them more comfortable for little hands to grasp.

Crochet rattles

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December 26, 2014 · 8:37 am