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Hello my lovelies,

If you’re wondering where your usual Monday recipe is it’s over here;

Parsnip & ginger cake with maple frosting

This is going to be the new home for all things ColonialCravings. We’re at capacity here so it’s time to move to a bigger, brighter home.
Mr Colonial Cravings has spent the last couple of weeks working very hard tweaking code and working all sorts of techie miracles and I’ve been editing old photos so that the new site can be as beautiful as possible. I really like it and I hope you guys do too, I’d love to hear your thoughts. You can also follow me through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Just like when I moved from Gloucestershire to Maryland and I wanted to bring all my friends with me, I’d really like if you’d come along to this new home too, or at least stop by once in a while for a slice of cake (it’s parsnip and ginger cake today by the way….)!

Thank you all for all the likes and follows over the years, I wouldn’t still be sharing my recipes if it wasn’t for you guys…xxx

Colonial cravings screenshot


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It’s National Cheesecake Day everyone!


I have no idea who decides these things (although it sounds like a fun job) but today is National Cheesecake day.

There are certainly plenty of yummy ideas on here to choose from if you needed any inspiration, like fruity white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake, savoury fig and rosemary mini cheesecakes or downright decadent apple bourbon cheesecake. FYI, if you’re in the UK you might see one of those three in the Cook! supplement of the Guardian on Saturday too!

Happy baking everyone 😉

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Good morning Britishers!

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that if you flick through the Cook! section of this Saturday’s Guardian you may just stumble across one of my recipes in the American recipe swap article.

Have a lovely weekend and eat well everyone!

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On Thursday night I was driving back from my volunteering ‘job’ when I decided that, seeing as Mr Colonial Cravings was spending the evening down in D.C, I might treat myself to something nice from Whole Foods for dinner.

As I was wending my way slowly to the checkout (I can’t help but browse the whole store every time I’m there) I spotted that The Counter, their in-store diner, was sectioned off for a local blogger and media tasting event. Obviously, being a local blogger this caught my attention. So I bimbled over (dinner in hand) to ask how I could find out about future events. And what do you know, the lovely lady I spoke to said that I was welcome to come along to this one!. Hurrah! And also yum!

Chickpea fries with truffle salt - oh yes!

Chickpea fries with truffle salt – oh yes!

So what can I expect to entertain my tastebuds next time I’m at The Counter in Whole Foods (Columbia MD) I hear you ask? Well for a start there are plenty of vegan options, which is never a bad thing but they aren’t shy with the meat either (short-rib burger anyone?) Breakfast, lunch or dinner – they’ve got you covered. Obviously being a non-meat eater meant I couldn’t try everything on offer but judging by the feed-back of the other bloggers (lots of mmmms through full mouths) the fried chicken and biscuit is worth a mention. As far as the breakfast options go the wheatless pancakes were not at all what I expected, in a good way. I remember the first time that I ate wheatfree bread, it was dry and brittle, sucked all the moisture from my mouth and was generally all sorts of disappointing. Not so with these, they were light and fluffy and delightfully crisp on the outside. Totally unexpected and when paired with the tangy apple butter they make a real breakfast treat.

Crispy sesame broccoli with plenty of crunch!

Crispy sesame broccoli with plenty of crunch!

There are also a good selection of lunch and dinner options on offer, including but by no means limited to, Laksa (which I have to admit was a little too gingery for me, I usually make it a bit more mellow), crab cakes (well we are in Maryland!) and my new favourite, avocado tacos! It’s got avocado and chipotle so it was always going to win my heart. Deep fried avocado may well be my new decadent treat of choice. Crispy and creamy and crunchy and tangy all at the same time – joyous!

If you need any evidence of how tasty the food is then note the lack of pictures in this post – I was way too busy eating to think about taking photographs. Sorry. (But also not sorry!) Lots of inspiration and food for thought (how could I resist the pun!?!) Maybe I’ll see you at The Counter, I’ll be the one with avocado on my chin.

FYI, my dinner is still sat in the fridge as I type, (deep-fried avocado tacos may have ruined all other foods for me!)

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You can follow me through Bloglovin too!

I realise I’ve taken my sweet time about this but I’ve finally got around to properly putting Colonial Cravings on Bloglovin. So if that’s your bag then click on the link below…

<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Don’t forget there’s also a Facebook page and you can follow by email as well. If you’re really social then there are lots of pretty pictures of my yummy food on Pinterest and I occasionally tweet about them too!

And thanks, you’re all very very kind (and you look lovely today by the way.)

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Did you know….

…that Colonial Cravings now (or should I say finally) has its own Facebook page. Look, there it is, down in the bottom right hand corner. See all those happy smiling faces, you can join them – just hit the like button and I promise to keep you up to date with all sorts of Colonial Cravings gubbins.

Now there’s an offer that you can’t refuse!

P.S I also have a board on Pinterest ( so feel free to follow that too. Or you can pin any of my images to your own boards to keep track of the posts that catch your eye…

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I have very kindly been nominated for a Liebster Award by (who knew chili could come in so many different guises?) I feel a little bit like the time I won a £5 book token in primary school. I spent it on ‘My First Animal Encyclopedia’ in case you’re wondering, I was only 6.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it (that included me until yesterday) it’s an award shared around the blogging community to promote and encourage new bloggers. At least I think that it is….

Thanks chili365 – it’s nice to know that you’re enjoying my blog.

From what I understand, in order to be able to accept the award I have to complete a few tasks, nothing too Herculean you’ll be pleased to know. I must; share 11 random facts about myself; answer 11 questions set by my nominator; nominate 5-11 bloggers who I think deserve the Liebster Award and finally ask my nominees 11 questions.

So here we go,

11 random facts about myself;

1. I have a silly first name. My parents stole the name from their friends daughter when I was born on her birthday. They once told me that she was a fire eater in Spain but I don’t know if I believe that…

2. I have travelled to over 40 countries.

3. I have a pet lizard but he lives back in the UK with my friends. I miss him.

4. I make a really good cup of tea.

5. I have a degree that I have never used. Not once.

6. I love pub quizzes and sometimes take them a little too seriously.

7. I have a 1979 Austin Mini City. She’s called Ermentrude and I will never sell her.

8. I own 55 pairs of shoes.

9. I once sledged down the side of an active volcano. I fell off. Lots.

10. I’m very uncoordinated, see above.

11. I’m really good with faces but terrible with names. If we ever meet in real life I won’t remember your name. Please don’t be offended.

And here are my answers to the chili365’s questions;

1) What would you do with your free time if you weren’t blogging?
Visit new places. It’s all I ever really want to do.

2) What literary character would you most like to be?
Obviously I could say something cool like Atticus Finch or Dean Moriaty but alas, adrift in a foreign land with a duffle coat and a hard stare, I’m already halfway to being Paddington bear.

3) What is your super power?
Maybe the tea-making as previously mentioned. I have a pretty good sense of direction too.

4) Dogs or Cats? (Or chili)?
I love cats, especially when you catch them doing something stupid and then they try to pretend that it didn’t happen but I’m super-allergic to them so I’ll have to choose dogs.

5) How do you conquer writer’s block?
Swim. It’s monotonous enough for me to switch off completely. And it burns off some of my recipes.

6) How frequently do you check your stats?
Every few hours if I have just posted something I’m really proud of. Every few days otherwise.

7) If you could speak with a dead person, who would it be?
My Grandma, so that I could get her recipe for peanut butter cookies. Plus if chose someone famous I’d only make a fool of myself.

8) What is your favorite kind of chili?
Anything smoky with medium spiciness. I also like a little chocolate in my chili. And vice versa.

9) What is the best advice you have ever received?
If you don’t do it while you’re young you never will (from my Grandma) I think I’m still just about young enough for this to still apply.

10) What is the worst impulse purchase you’ve made?
I don’t have my own income so I’m not very frivolous. I probably don’t need 55 pairs of shoes though…

11) What would you change about your blog, if you could?
I wouldn’t change my blog, I’d just change my lack of computer literacy so that I could understand how it all works a little better.

My Nominees (I warn you, never look at any of these blogs before you eat or you’ll only be disappointed by what’s on your plate):

eatsleepbakerepeat –

The Herb Diaries –

Bangers and Mash –

The White Ramekins –

CharismaticBaking –

Here is your mission, should you choose to accept it

As part of the acceptance, there are 5 tasks you must complete:
1. LINK back to the person who nominated you;
2. SHARE 11 facts about yourself;
3. ANSWER 11 questions set by your nominator;
4. NOMINATE 5-11 people who you think deserves the Liebster Award.
5. ASK your nominees 11 questions.
6. AFTER YOU PUBLISH your Liebster post, go to your nominee’s blog and let them know you have nominated them.


And now for my questions to my nominees;

1. Where is the best place (county/city) that you’ve ever been?

2. What’s the best thing that you’ve ever eaten?

3. Which of your posts are you most proud of?

4. Sweet or Savoury?

5. If you could go back in time, when/where would you go back to?

6. Which word do you most overuse?

7. How do you relax?

8. What’s your favourite smell?

9. Which part of the blogging process do you find easiest and which do you find hardest?

10. Which book could you read over and over again?

11. Describe yourself in one word




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